About SpringTide

Everyone likes to think that they’re different, but at SpringTide we’re really not your standard consultant-types. We don’t do consultancy by numbers, we don’t tell you what you want to hear. We’re focused on doing procurement well and delivering real value to our clients.

Born and bred procurement professionals

Our consultants have spent their lives in procurement and supply chain management. All of our people have worked their way up from the bottom to Heads of Function (in Procurement or Supply Chain or both) and really know, at a practical level, what they’re talking about.

Because we only hire experts that have been there and done it, we don’t have to rely on theory or a ‘one size fits all’ template. Instead SpringTide’s teams apply their working knowledge and experience to each unique circumstance to create a solution that’s right for you.

Results focused

We understand the importance of your bottom line and your top line and focus our attention on making changes that deliver real benefit. We are not in the market to simply pay less by doing deals that are fundamentally flawed. We consider the dynamics of price, cost and value and provide help and insight to get the right blend.

Industry recognition for our work

Over recent years, we are extremely proud that our successes have been recognised with a number of awards:

Some of the comments from the awarding bodies:

  • acknowledged our “creativity, innovation and passion for service” in Best for Supply Chain Consultancy Services – Corporate Vision
  • “a project that demonstrated SpringTide’s unrivalled experience of managing the complex procurement of transport and logistics on a large scale” – CIPS

Our Vision and Values

Vision & Values

The Team

SpringTide’s experts bring a vast wealth of experience across procurement, supply chain and logistics operations and a deep-rooted desire to help clients drive their business’ forward.

They’re ably supported by our Project Office – a strong team of Analysts and Project Managers providing essential support for assignments: tracking progress and deliverables; ensuring milestones are met; generating models to analyse costs; and evaluating categories and markets in depth to inform strategic sourcing decisions.

Our Senior Leadership team

Mike Utting

Managing Director

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +44 (0) 7973 445297

SpringTide’s founder, Mike Utting, is a popular and successful consultant with over 25 years’ experience in purchasing across public and private sectors. He’s worked as a consultant in the UK and the USA for over 10 years, helping organisations around the world to improve their procurement through supply chain efficiency, strategic sourcing transformation and upskilling of purchasing teams.

Mike’s background across multiple sectors has lent him a down-to-earth approach with which he can communicate principles and techniques at all levels, making him an ideal coach and mentor.

Mike began his career at Hawker Siddeley Power Engineering back in 1986, a turnkey contractor for power stations, sourcing worldwide and dealing with challenging internal stakeholders, managing complex supplier relationships and negotiating large contracts. Early on in his career, he was fortunate to experience dramatic organizational change from the privatization process of elements of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority with the formation of AEA Technology. Corporately, he went on to enjoy senior positions at Cable and Wireless and Compaq, entering the world of consulting back in 2001 having been on the receiving end of several consulting programmes. In his consulting career he has travelled the world, lived in the States and been fortunate in working with some truly talented people.

Mike’s passion for procurement and supply chain best practice led him to found SpringTide with the aim of providing pragmatic solutions that worked. SpringTide remain ‘hands-on’ and seamlessly blend the tools, techniques and concepts with real results.
Outside work, Mike has a young family, both boys fluent in Welsh, which sadly he isn't! He also volunteers as a Coxswain and Divisional Officer in Charge for Ferryside Lifeboat, which boasts a proud history back to 1835 (one of the first in the country) and typically responds to a dozen or so shouts per year www.ferryside-lifeboat.co.uk