Assessment Days deemed good value for money

Posted on November 23rd, 2011 by

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Traditional interviews can be daunting for both candidates and interviewers. Decisions are often influenced by first impressions and assumed knowledge rather than understanding true capabilities.

To overcome this, SpringTide recently developed a series of Assessment Days for a client seeking to recruit a team of procurement professionals. In consultation with the client, we spent time front-end identifying skill requirements from which case studies and exercises were designed to be suitable for candidates of all experience and skill levels.

The days were very relaxed, with candidates commenting that they enjoyed and learnt from the event. Interestingly, the key contenders changed throughout the day, highlighting one flaw of traditional interviews.

The client was impressed with the whole process. ‘Having an extended time to observe candidates in an informal atmosphere and performing different tasks helped me to gain a more accurate view of them than would have been possible in an interview situation,’ said the Head of Procurement. ‘And with no agent’s fees to pay, it was great value for money.’