South African Transport Tender

Posted on November 9th, 2012 by

Business profile

Operating across 70 countries, with over 150 cement plants, more than 1700 aggregate and concrete production facilities and in excess of 75,000 staff, the company’s sales exceed €17bn.

Business challenges

The gypsum business had numerous hauliers, rate structures and owned/third-party assets. A number of areas needed improving:

  • deliveries to customer sites
  • load scheduling and optimisation
  • rate transparency and harmonisation
  • combination of tractor/trailer units, safety and corporate image.

What we did

Working alongside the local team and central resource, we

  • established Business Needs and engaged executive-level support at the outset
  • undertook market analysis to establish supply-chain maturity
  • conducted a comprehensive 3PL tender process
  • introduced new technologies: the world’s first superlink trailer with a fuel-efficient tear-drop design.

Business impact

We maintained business continuity despite the risks inherent in restructuring the supply chain and achieved the following key deliverables:

  • both strategy and solution delivered within 6 months
  • phase 1 savings of 7% of the transport bill
  • phase 2 savings of 12–15% of the internal bill
  • payload gains (and therefore increased efficiencies) from more suitable equipment and scheduling
  • enhanced fleet safety and livery.

Client Testimonial

“Mike and his team have assisted us from the very start of our transport outsourcing ‘idea’ to completion of the project this year. At all times SpringTide have exhibited the highest level of skill and professionalism. Meticulous is a word that springs to mind when thinking of the data compilation and analysis work completed. What is remarkable is the spirit with which all problems/issues were handled and managed. Spending literally hundreds of hours with Mike and his team is similar to enjoying the company of good mates. There is always light hearted banter helping to pass the hours and stress to a place far from where the work is done. This in itself was a blessing to the team.

I have no reservation in recommending SpringTide Consulting Limited to any company looking for a professional, dynamic and competent business partner. They have added huge value to our organisation and have allowed us to optimise our transport network and process to levels previously thought impossible.” – Supply Chain Manager