National Lorry Week

Posted on October 29th, 2015 by

Picture of a lorry

To mark National Lorry Week and as part of the continuing celebration of our recent Award for Excellence in Supply Chain Best Practice by the prestigious Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT), we thought we’d share a little game we’ve devised. Just as the Award recognises our skills in managing the complex procurement of transport and logistics, so we thought we’d encourage a bit of recognition of lorries amongst our readers.

It hasn’t escaped our notice that this week is also Half Term. Reports have reached us of the kind of logistical stresses that are involved, especially on parents’ nerves, when trying to distract the kids on the long journeys that inevitably grace this period. So, please feel free to download the PDF – we’ve provided single A4 and multiple sheets, and distribute it amongst your small internal customers, prior to embarking.

We’ve kept it simple as far as the rules go. Entrants – young and old – can simply tick off the different types of lorry that are spotted, or count up multiple sightings with multiple ticks. If anyone gets a full set, they can shout “Lorry!” (as opposed to “House!”) and be declared the winner.

If no-one gets a full set before the trip is over or the driver has abandoned the vehicle and fled, then prizes can be given to both (a) the largest number of sightings accumulated and (b) the widest range, thus keeping it fair, fun and free of violent repercussions.

Lorry Fleet

If you’d like to “make things more interesting” (i.e. complicate it) for, say, longer journeys or less tame passengers, you could award extra points for sightings based on rarity of the vehicles in question. The more common trucks such as 7.5t rigid vehicles would attract 1 point, likewise Transit Vans. An extra point could be given for sightings of the rarer vehicles: car transporters, low and ultra-low loaders, tipper trucks, tankers….

You could also consider extra points for sightings of the same liveries, if you feel it necessary (and in which case, you may want to have a look at our Negotiation Skills assessment).

Good luck! Let us know how you get on.

Why not Tweet us your vote for Family Favourite Truck, or a picture of your rarest sighting or most unusual load spotted?