Easter Eggs are shrinking!

Posted on March 23rd, 2016 by

The cost of living is rising.  It’s something that we’re all used to but it doesn’t mean we’re happy about it!  This time of year, it’s our Easter Eggs that are being impacted.

In a recent article, the Daily Mail identified that, whilst most of the prices have remained constant, many of the Easter eggs in shops this year are smaller than last year, so we’re getting less value for our money.

This isn’t the first time we’ve looked into this – last Easter Cadbury’s Creme Eggs multi-pack shrank from half a dozen to five…who buys eggs in 5’s?!

The worst offenders this year look to be the Mars Celebrations Easter Egg, which has shrunk AND increased substantially in price, along with the Scooby Doo Egg & Toy, where the size has reduced by around a third, but the price is still the same.

They are not the only culprits –

Why is this happening?

According to Kim Ludlow at mySupermarket.co.uk:  “It might all be due to higher manufacturing costs. Shoppers, however, have every right to be unhappy when products not only shrink in size but increase in price resulting in us paying more for our favourite Easter Eggs.”

Shelf of lots of easter eggs

It’s not just Easter Eggs that are being affected.  Throughout our daily lives, prices are being increased, or the suppliers are reducing the amount of a product we get in order to maximise their profits.  It’s a fact of business.  But why does it always seem like it is the customer that suffers?  If your business is seeing an increase in its costs, SpringTide can help you to review your operation and see where cost savings can be made, negotiate with suppliers and increase your buying power, rather than you just passing on any increases to your customers.

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