SpringTide will be speaking at Procurement Week 2017: The The Pantheon of Procurement

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Procurement Week is an international conference and exhibition that aims to explore the many facets of Public Procurement such as Public Tendering, Business Development, Procurement Law and International Trade. During the week, presentations will be given by leading procurement practitioners, lawyers, economists, innovators, strategists and thinkers. Procurement Week 2017 will bring you the biggest names in ‘procurement’ from around the world, to present and lead discussions on a wide range of procurement topics. Their job is to work with us to address challenging local, national and global issues, whilst proposing innovative and pragmatic solutions to help our citizens.

Procurement Week is in its 5th year and is hosted by Bangor University.  Last year saw over 850 attendees from over 40 countries.

SpringTide’s Managing Director Mike Utting, and Business Development Director David Wightman will be speaking on Day 3: Negotiation: How it Could Work and we’d love you to come along.  We’ll be around for the full 3 days so if you want a chat about your procurement over a coffee, please get in touch with David on +44 (0) 7495 468488

The themes for each of the days are as follows:

Day 1 – SOS!!! – Rescuing a Procurement Crisis!

Day 2 – Procuring a Connected Living: The Internet of Things

Day 3 – Rewriting the Public Procurement Playbook

Click here for the full calendar

Registration is still open, so book your place before it’s too late – we look forward to seeing you there!!

Mike has also written an article on negotiation, which you can read about here – Why buyers need to learn to adopt selling skills…