Case Studies

From pharmaceutical to automotive, nuclear to FM, SpringTide continues to be fortunate enough to deal with a diverse range of private-sector clients. In the public sector, we have worked within County Councils, Trusts, the NHS and academic institutions.

A list of some of SpringTide Clients including Microsoft, the NHS, Lafarge and Seven Seas.

Relationships with our clients tend to grow: a specific assignment extends into another related activity, or the client asks if we can help them with another problem. We continue to serve clients with whom we held contracts right at the beginning – we believe that’s a testament to how we endeavour to understand and meet needs.

It’s not a case of one size fits all. We’ve supported clients, achieved results and been reimbursed in many different ways. Through properly understanding their needs, we can find a solution that works for all parties

Here’s a selection of the projects we’ve delivered and their outcomes:

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