Our experts are here to support you and your team in your day-to-day work, whether you need to recruit more staff, to guide existing staff through a project or to have additional temporary resources.

Our approach ensures that your skills are updated, refreshed and sustainable, as we often link development activity through ongoing workshops, follow-up and category or leadership support.

We help organisations to recruit, select and develop high calibre procurement professionals, providing leading edge-insight and a wealth of experience.

Green scaffolding on a bridge

The right people

A ship’s captain of old would hand-pick his crew for the treacherous journey ahead. We can help you to do the same thing, ensuring that the team is the right mix and blend of competencies and characters, then providing support to ensure that they perform to the best of their abilities.

Perhaps some deeper Category Management experience is required, softer stakeholder management skills need refining or negotiation skills need rounding off from solely tactical to a more principled approach. Too often, latent capability is hidden, as the right environment has not been provided to unveil talent. Through workshops and the use of case studies, exercises and role plays or mentoring and coaching, we can spot the rough diamonds and provide the right support to polish them into a true gem. Whether it is through on-the-job support, specific training or perhaps attaining professional membership of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing through our NVQ in Supply Chain Management, we help companies to grow and nurture their internal talent.


We can plug gaps with interim support at any level, for whatever term is required, and work closely with all parties to ensure that the deliverables are achieved at all times. We provide the Account Management and inject specific tools, techniques and approaches which generate a consistent approach and results.

Our business model ensures that these three steps of Identify, Transform and Support are underpinned and allows our clients to select either the whole or just the part that they need at that point in time.
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