Our philosophy and passion is to deliver results at an individual and organisational level. Our product mix of diagnostics, qualifications and workshops delivered by experienced practitioners ensures that our contribution is targeted and relevant.

Coach giving instructions to team

Coaching can be orientated towards a category, a supplier, an entire function or a change programme. At category level, we coach procurement professionals through category management plans, helping them to adapt their approach to optimise results.

Our highly experienced consultants typically aim for intervention, challenge and guidance. Whether you need a day per week, month or quarter, we provide expertise in
a directed way geared towards impact.

For example, a full functional diagnostic for one of our clients revealed that, amongst other areas for improvement, a single supplier relationship was dominating the whole business model and as such was critical to profitability in both the immediate and long terms. This had been accepted as the norm for many years. We worked alongside the main Board and Head of Procurement as trusted advisors, challenging beliefs, expectations and relationship dynamics. We framed a structured methodology to initially reposition the power dynamics in a subtle context. This paved the way for a highly strategic mutually beneficial relationship to flourish.

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