E-Sourcing software can bring a wide range of benefits to an organisation: from greater control over procurement processes, an efficient and structured method of accessing a wide range of suppliers, to negotiations that aren’t affected by adverse emotional reactions.

Too often though, the benefits of e-Sourcing software aren’t delivered. Over-complicated processes, inadequate training and support, and the lack of stakeholder engagement often mean that promised returns on investment don’t get realised.

Independent E-Sourcing Experts

SpringTide’s e-Sourcing experts have worked with a range of companies, from small businesses to global corporations, to help them get more from their e-Sourcing systems.

Whether working to identify and implement a new system, or to simply help companies get more from their existing platform, our specialists understand how to make e-Sourcing systems fit into real world procurement environments.

We’re not affiliated with any specific e-Sourcing system. Our experts have worked with a wide variety of market-leading systems and understand the strengths and weaknesses of each. This means you can trust us to provide informed, unbiased advice.

We don’t try and crowbar the same solution¬†into every company – instead, we’re able to make sure we understand your needs and develop the right response for you.

Read our Case Study

Read how we delivered and planned a global training programme for a multi-billion dollar corporation, driving up adoption of it’s Ariba platform – facilitating the saving of millions of dollars and ensuring it’s compliance with corporate responsibilities. Read more

If you’d like to get more from your e-Sourcing system, or are currently looking for an e-Sourcing solution, then we can help you make sure you maximise the return on your investment.
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