Functional Procurement Health Check

A Functional Procurement Health Check reviews the functional maturity and integration within the business. It can be deployed as a front-end diagnostic to establish current status, and also periodically checked that change has taken place. This process allows us to reveal any lost opportunities and harness your strengths.


The purpose of this diagnostic is to review the entire end-to-end process to understand:

  • The functional engagement of maturity.
  • The adoption of strategic sourcing methodologies
  • The perceptions, targets and governance models
  • Procurement tools and techniques used throughout the process.
  • The capabilities of the team and identification of any latent opportunities for improvement within the team.
  • The adoption and effective deployment of technology.
Stethoscope used for diagnosis


The Functional Procurement Health Check involves one-to-one stakeholder and group discussions in order to have total clarity of the procurement function. Data is captured against 8 levers and 180 distinctive areas to create a whole picture.

Insights and Outcomes

  • The diagnostic will deliver a suite of fully supported recommendations to achieve the optimum model.
  • A project plan and change plan is created to drive the transformation programme.
  • Opportunity analysis is undertaken by category, business and territory.
  • Assessment is also undertaken against people, process and technology.

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