Get Better Market Intelligence

Gaining a detailed understanding of your market quickly is a key requirement for effective decision making. But, in our time-poor world, Market Intelligence can be a source of pain.

Pressures of work mean that the necessary research often takes longer than anticipated (pushing out key decisions), time for strategically important tasks is squeezed out, or corners are cut – with decisions based on partial or inaccurate data.

Better Market Intelligence can deliver huge competitive advantage, with many businesses creating dedicated Market Intelligence functions to provide high quality, timely MI – evaluating spend; market activity; price and costs; and suppliers.

Drive your company forward

Whether you’re looking for help with program design, training and support, or a completely outsourced solution, SpringTide’s extensive Market Intelligence expertise, demonstrated implementing solutions for companies across the world, means you can be confident about our ability to deliver.

Read our Case Study:

SpringTide created a successful Market Intelligence program for a global pharmaceutical giant – rolling it out to the 250-strong procurement team in impressive time and delivering faster decision making times and a more optimised supply chain. Read more

Our change management and procurement expertise means programs are implemented smoothly – delivering powerful returns through rapid adoption, smoother processes and cost reduction.

Our MI solutions are part of our integral approach to transformation, broader training and Source to Pay programs: ensuring a coherency to the overall design and the outputs that arise from the Category Planning and negotiation process.

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