Best-in-Class Market Intelligence

Decentralised market intelligence gathering is inherently inefficient – similar research may be being carried out by different departments, previous research isn’t effectively reused and managers end up spending too much time doing research, rather than delivering value.

Creating a single market intelligence process allows you to engineer in efficiencies that drive down cost and increase performance.

Best in class Market Intelligence means:

  • Accessing up-to-date intelligence from across the globe
  • Quickly turning this intelligence into useful sourcing information to meet business needs
  • Fully integrated with your procurement process – embracing  key tools and techniques and delivering consistent results
  • Tailored, from top-level analysis to intelligence, to feed into Category Plans

Four Pillars of Procurement Intelligence

Springtide have developed the four pillars of procurement intelligence, ensuring a complete range of information is delivered to inform and drive effective procurement decisions:

Four pillars of Procurement Intelligence

A best-in-class Market Intelligence process collates MI requests from across the business, understanding the precise need and using a huge array of third party, open source and company information sources to deliver tailored outputs that allow fast and effective decision making:

Diagram showing an Effective Market Intelligence Process

Such a process provides a faster response, significant cost savings and allows managers to focus on delivering strategic benefit.

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