Negotiation Styles

Negotiation can be a bit of a daunting prospect to some people, whereas others thrive under the pressure. There are five main negotiation styles that people tend to fall into, which reflect how they approach a negotiation.

These five styles take into account how you behave during a negotiation, how you act towards the other party, and what you feel is the most important outcome for the negotiation.

Photograph of effective supplier relationships

The 5 Negotiation Styles are:


1. Competitive

Competitive personalities are results-driven. They are focussed and assertive in their communication and often aggressive. Competitive negotiators are strategic thinkers therefore have very little time for pleasantries. Learn more.

2. Collaborative

Collaborative negotiators are open and honest, and understand the concerns and interests of the other party. They like to find creative solutions to make sure both parties are satisfied. Learn more.

3. Compromising

A compromising negotiator’s main concern is doing what is fair for both parties and finding middle ground. They would rather compromise on your own outcome to satisfy the other party. Learn more.

4. Avoiding

Avoiding personalities really dislike negotiations! They may try to avoid situations that may result in conflict as they find them intimidating and stressful by staying behind the scenes of a negotiation. Learn more.

5. Accommodating

Accommodating negotiators spend a great deal of time building and maintaining relationships with the other party. They are highly sensitive to the emotions, relationships and body language within the negotiation situation. Learn more.