People Health Check

This reviews individuals capabilities across all facets of procurement, from contracting to category management, negotiations and effective management of supplier relationships. Using our 360° online tool, we can identify skills gaps and recommend development activities.


SpringTide’s People Health Check is designed to:

  • Understand the individual capabilities of people from a procurement perspective.
  • Understand the organisational areas for development, the process will reveal any shortfalls or areas for improvement throughout all facets of procurement.
  • Identify any latent stars within your organisation and develop specific training for their needs.
Personal development in work


This diagnostic process involves all employees undertaking an online self-assessment. This involves providing answers against a range of questions, statements and visuals, as well as completing a range of mini-scenarios to fully understand their capabilities. Client-specific criteria, such as specific trading agreements are also incorporated into the assessment.

Insights and Outcomes

  • Self-assessement will reveal the skills and abilities of the individuals.
  • We then recommend actions of development activity to bridge any gaps of skills.

Are your employees working to their strengths? For a People Diagnostic call us on +44 (0) 7495 468488 or you can fill in this form to discuss how we could optimise your team.