Once we’ve helped a client to identify areas for improvements and cost savings, they often ask us to help them to plan and implement the necessary changes and to guide them smoothly through their transformation process.

Improving your Procurement Efficiency

Transformation can be very targeted, such as short-term cost reduction or perhaps outsourcing areas of expenditure or support. Whether it is to build a dedicated on-/off-site team with deep category expertise or to take a range of categories through an accelerated cost reduction exercise – or indeed a blended approach – we can help.

It’s not just about the bottom line

Not only can we help the bottom line by reducing costs through effective buying, we also help our clients grow their top line.

We enable top-line growth through developing highly strategic relationships with key suppliers who can give your organisation competitive advantage through innovation, speed to market, after-market support, brand reputation. SpringTide’s approach, knowledge and toolkit mean that we can help our clients realise these opportunities.


Transformation of caterpillar to butterflyHow can we help you?

To identify any potential areas where you could reduce costs and improve efficiency, we have a range of proven, standardised diagnostics that we have successfully deployed across our clients procurement and supply chain operations:

  • Supplier Relationship Diagnostic: This reviews your relationships with key suppliers and challenges issues such as relationship alignment, performance frameworks and team capabilities. Find out more
  • Functional Procurement Diagnostic: This reviews functional maturity and integration within the business. It can be deployed as a front-end diagnostic to establish current status, and also periodically to check that change has taken place. Read more
  • People Diagnostic: This reviews individuals capabilities across all facets of procurement, from contracting to category management, negotiations and effective management of supplier relationships. Using our 360° online tool, we can identify skills gaps and recommend development activities. Learn more
  • Transport Procurement Diagnostic: This analyses fleet operations, capturing the logistics flow and making firm recommendations for strategic sourcing options to achieve hard cost reductions for this complex area of spend. Find out more

Effective Change Management

Knowing where you want to go is a great first step, but the biggest skill is in maintaining and sticking to your plan. This is an area which many businesses struggle with, but at SpringTide we have a wealth of experience in delivering complex programmes and working across organisations to ensure that the initial vision is delivered.

We know what will and won’t work for you, and how to make these refinements whilst still remaining on course. If you could do with a helping hand, we would welcome the opportunity to share our experiences, knowledge and thought leadership to help keep you on course.

We can guide you smoothly through your transformation. Call us on +44 (0) 7973 445297 or send us an email.