Supplier Relationship Health Check

A Supplier Relationship Health Check reviews your relationships with key suppliers and challenges issues such as relationship alignment, performance frameworks and team capabilities. The diagnostic aims to unlock any relationship roadblocks and ultimately optimise value.


SpringTide’s supplier relationship health check will allow us to:

  • Gain a 360 degree perspective of how each side views the relationship.
  • Understand all those involved in the relationship and their disposition towards it.
  • Identify areas where there are any misunderstandings, and also areas that are working well.
  • Understand the true dynamics of the relationship.
  • Identify any warning signs that might lead to roadblocks.
Photograph of effective supplier relationships


We seek to gain the views and opinions solicited from a broad base of stakeholders through open dialogue and transparency.

Insights and Outcomes

The information and insights gained from these Supplier Relationship Diagnostics will allow us to produce a number of plans to optimise value in your relationships. This can include relationship management plans, risk mitigation plans and value optimisation plans.

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