Drive User Adoption

Source to pay has become essential for best-in-class procurement organizations but, for many reasons, companies often struggle to get the most from the systems they run.

Drive Source to Pay Adoption

SpringTide’s source to pay experts understand the issues that hold source to pay back within an organization and have helped companies around the world to drive user adoption, embedding technology into their processes and culture, and delivering huge returns on investment and substantial cost savings.

Our change management expertise, deep understanding of effective procurement processes and our huge experience with a range of source to pay systems mean we can work with stakeholders in organizations to:

  • Understand current opportunities and issues – and their causes
  • Design tailored solutions to deliver long-standing improvement
  • Plan and deliver the changes to schedule
  • Communicate effectively to all stakeholders – both in and outside the organization
  • Provide effective training and support to users

Maximize your adoption rates

We understand the importance of effective change management: our experience delivering complex programs and working across organizations to ensure that the vision and benefits are delivered can help minimize resistance, drive adoption and reduce risk.

We’ve delivered successful source to pay training and support programs for hundreds of users across the world and consistently get fantastic feedback from delegates – our approach ensures learning is embedded so that the system is used in the real-world.

Read our Case Study

Find out how we delivered and planned a global training program for a multi-billion dollar corporation, driving up adoption of its Ariba platform – facilitating the saving of millions of dollars and ensuring its compliance with corporate responsibilities. Read more

If you’d like to get more from your source to pay solution, we can help you make sure you maximize the return on your investment.

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