Learn from the experts

All of our training is developed and presented by experienced and practising procurement professionals – based on proven theory and research from leading authorities.

Our in-house training programmes are tailored to suit each client. Typically, we talk with the sponsor in advance of the workshop to establish the mix of delegates, their needs and the business requirements. Web then design the content to ensure that skills gaps are closed and that a high return on investment and learning is achieved.

Photo of presentations and course materials

We consistently receive excellent satisfaction ratings from delegates and sponsors across our extensive range of courses. Many delegates say that their workshop was the best course they’ve ever attended and that it was delivered in an entertaining way. After sessions, delegates have fed back again and again that they have made savings, changed behaviours, realised supply-chain improvements and improved supplier relationships.

Why our training is so effective

  • We first meet the client to review training objectives.
  • We analyse skills gaps and ensure that content is at the right level and customised to maintain relevance.
  • For each theme, we blend theory with practical exercises, games, multimedia and feedback in a dynamic environment.
  • Where possible, we incorporate client-specific case studies to show how techniques can be applied in delegates’ day-to-day work and have a positive impact on their business.
  • We limit the size of any one group to make it easier for delegates to interact, discuss and receive feedback.
  • We maintain a good pace throughout so that getting to the end of the day is not a chore.

Don’t just take our word for it – look at the feedback scores from the last 200 delegates that attended a SpringTide course:


Embedding the learning

‘Sheep-dipping’ is easy but not our style. We provide our delegates with supportive material, exercises specific to them, and pre- and post-session dialogue to find out whether/how they have applied the material in their own work and to clarify anything
that they may be unsure of.

We also have our toolkit, the Essential Guide to Strategic Sourcing and Supplier Relationship Management, which covers the whole procurement cycle from project conception to contract award and beyond into contract management.

Who can benefit from our training?

We have material to suit all levels of staff, from trainees up to executives, and we teach delegates from a variety of functions, not just procurement. Anyone who deals with suppliers, supply chains and contracts can learn tools and techniques to increase efficiency, gain the most value from the supply chain, reduce risks inherent in contracts and the supply chain, and massage relationships among stakeholders.

We also hold successful seminars for sales teams, who appreciate an inside perspective on the psyche of and methods adopted by buyers.

Call us on +44 (0) 7495 468488 and let us work with you to create your ideal training programme.