Buying Transport Effectively

Transport costs are a key driver of most businesses costs – and is a cost that is, and looks set to continue, rising rapidly.

SpringTide have shown that these rises can be avoided – and that by buying transport more efficiently, companies can actually reduce their transport bill year on year.

SpringTide’s logistics specialists understand that buying transport isn’t just about cost though. Instead, we focus on delivering maximum value for money for our clients – ensuring quality of service, timely deliveries, health and safety standards and maximum efficiency.

To help achieve this, our category experts are supported by a team of analysts who, from market intelligence to bid evaluation, provide real competitive advantage.

Power of collaboration

In our experience, the most productive approach to projects is a truly collaborative one.

SpringTide have worked closely alongside one client following their acquisition of a competitor, which added hundreds of sites and numerous countries to their exciting European portfolio.

From a Transport Procurement perspective, SpringTide have supported the client to get control of spend, initially through tactical tendering activity, and increasingly through more robust strategic approaches to market that go far beyond comparing tariffs and rate cards.

A robust PMO structure has ensured hundreds of projects have been implemented, with the supply chain becoming increasingly robust in terms of service proposition, coverage and cost modelling.

Visibility has increased dramatically too, with sourcing decisions being informed through a deep understanding of business needs and data validation.

“SpringTide have been instrumental in helping us to create a new approach to our haulage expenditure – a spend of hundreds of millions, annually.

The team has brought an attention to detail and a focus on delivery that’s been instrumental in delivering sustainable cost reductions and business continuity that are critical to our business plan.

I’d have no hesitation in recommending SpringTide and believe, by working in such a close collaborative manner, we have developed an approach that is truly unique and market leading.”

Group Procurement Director – Transport & Logistics

An approach to suit you

At SpringTide we don’t do consultancy by numbers: we’re focused on doing procurement well and delivering real value to our clients. Instead of relying on theory or a ‘one size fits all’ template, we tailor our approach to create a solution that’s right for you.

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