Modelling techniques and tools capture and translate complex data sets into easily understood representations. SpringTide take the data we have have analysed and present it in a way that makes sense to you – it can make you see your own business profile in a completely different light and highlight areas for improvement.

We use mapping and specialised transport modelling software to identify network optimisation opportunities within a haulier’s existing customer base, whilst emphasizing hotspots for customer locations. This technique and other tools we use have also resulted in establishing increased optimisation between sites, reducing empty running, increasing efficiency, improving working relationship and ultimately customer service.  We can also work out where the ideal location would be for your new warehouse facility, and even help you to find it.

Analysis on laptop and blackboard

We have a proven track record in taking raw data and transferring it into meaningful analysis that can drive significant cost reduction.  With one client, since 2012, over 5 million lines of data have been analysed and modelled, providing recommendations on over 800 projects in 26 countries.  This has resulted in major improvements to transport services and savings of nearly €75m.

Map of Europe showing how many projects have been completed

We’re used to even the most complex of projects too.  One project comprised of 9 packaging sites, spanning from Cornwall to Wakefield, with transport spend varying from £500k to £5m.  Each site operated independently, with their own management, logistics strategies and providers, and charging mechanisms including costs per pallet/distance, loading metres and cost per mile.  When we produced the dashboards similar to the image above, some of the sites had never seen their data in such a graphic way and were amazed by the insight we could provide.  Using all the data provided, we were able to identify numerous opportunities for optimisation, especially between the sites, and also recommended the introduction of longer semi trailers, reducing loads between two sites from 1600 to 1350 on an annual basis, saving £40k.

Map to show transport optimisation opportunities within the UK

With a recent statistic revealing that businesses could increase their profit margins by more than 60% through the full use of data analytics and modelling, isn’t it time that you got SpringTide involved?

To talk to us about your modelling needs and the benefit to your business, call us on +44 (0) 7973 445297 or you can fill in this form to discuss how we can help you.