Transport Procurement Health Check

Transport Procurement Health Check analyses your fleet operations in order to make recommendations to drive your costs down and improve your transport efficiency. Transport procurement is a complex area of spend, therefore reviewing this area can deliver significant cost reductions.


SpringTide’s Transport Procurement Health Check is designed to understand:

  • The efficiencies of the end-to-end transport process.
  • The relevance of contracting models deployed, e.g. 3PL or 4PL.
  • The maturity of your relationships with hauliers and logistics providers.
  • The types of transport expenditure and sub-categorisation of spend.
  • Signpost any inherent risks in the supply chain.
Photograph of transport procurement lorries


This diagnostic process involves onsite dialogue with all the stakeholders involved in the logistics process. Spend analytics will also be carried out across all related spend, as well as executive level engagement in order to fully understand the end-to-end transport process.

Insights and Outcomes

  • Opportunity analysis will show target cost reductions.
  • A structured top level plan with milestones will allow continuous managed progress.
  • A full risk assessment with targeted calls to action.

To discuss how we can improve your transport efficiency, call us on +44 (0) 7973 445297 or you can fill in this form for a diagnostic.